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666 Wagnon Road, Sebastopol, CA 95472
Tel: 707.823.5866  Fax: 707.829.8106

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About Us

We dedicate our website in honor of Gerald Bol (1940 - 1996), founder and creator of Bamboo Sourcery and past president of the American Bamboo Society, whose generosity of spirit and love of life, art, and bamboo blessed many people around the world.

Bamboo enhances and transforms gardens into peaceful sanctuaries of light, movement, sound and space, touching our spirits and stirring our souls. Bamboo can beguile and possess. You may shortly find yourself becoming ensnared with "Bamboo Magic."
 -Gerald Bol
Founder, Bamboo Sourcery

Gerald Bol

Gerald, himself, was most definitely ensnared by "Bamboo Magic." And Bamboo Sourcery continues to expand and flourish today under the guidance of Gerald's daughter, Jennifer York. She is committed to the stewardship of the beautiful land she grew up on.

Jennifer, whose degree is in Environmental Education, has made educating the public about bamboo a priority. Bamboo Sourcery's approach is to provide accurate and comprehensive information, enabling customers to make good decisions and to have the most positive experiences with these wonderful and diverse plants. Jennifer has also taken the initiative to use sustainable practices whenever possible.

In 2010 Bamboo Sourcery received the Environmental Business Alliance's Best Practices Award for our effforts to reduce our environmental footprint. A PV solar system supplies all the electrical power for the nursery and homes on the property, and we're constantly trying to increase our water and energy effficiency. We reclaim and reuse nursery pots, do not use herbicides and pesticides, and are increasing our efforts to buy supplies (and services) from local businesses whenever possible. We want to build upon these successes, and take it a step further. One of our new projects is a year-long permaculture redesign proces for our entire property. It will be very exciting to see what comes of that! For more about this development, see below.

Joe Ruffato, Jennifer's husband, a skilled contractor with over 30 years of experience, is now available to Bamboo Sourcery customers for a range of construction projects. He is particularly good at coming up with creative and cost-effective solutions to challenging projects!

Joe Ruffato, Jennifer York, Jake Gann, Judy Gann, Vince Scholten and Sean Sonke

Staffing the office and always available to answer questions and take your orders is the Office Manager Judy Gann. She is invaluable in the continuing development of our Information Supplement, website and other educational materials. With cheer and competence she can coordinate a myriad of details, answering your emails and telephone calls and greeting you when you arrive at Bamboo Sourcery.

Like the bamboo, Bamboo Sourcery has been growing and expanding and the last few years have brought us one special little "bamboo shoot," and she's growing fast!

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We've gone SOLAR! Since January 2005 Bamboo Sourcery has been producing all of it's own electricity! We are proud to be reducing our greenhouse gas emissions as well as investing in a renewable energy future. By 2013 we will have earned back (in electricity savings) enough to pay for the entire 80kw system. Thanks to a wonderful local company Solar Works for installing our system!

We're eager to begin a year long permaculture redesign process for our 7 1/2 acre property. The results of this process will strongly influence how we proceed as a business. To assist with the redesign we've hired another stellar local company Permaculture Artisans: Ecological Landscapes and Farms.

Many people ask "What's Permaculture?" Permaculture is a holistic system of design based on ethical and ecological principals with the aim of creating long term sustainability, and restoring natural systems and human systems to their fullest and most resilient potential. The exciting part is to discover specifically how this will be expressed on our land. Stay tuned!