Bamboo Sourcery

Books on Bamboo

Bamboo for Gardens by Ted Jordan Meredith
Building Bamboo Fences by Isao Yoshikawa
The Craft & Art of Bamboo by Carol Stangler
Farming Bamboo by Daphne Lewis & Carol Miles
The Gardener's Guide to Growing Temperate Bamboos by Michael Bell
Ornamental Bamboos
Timber Press Pocket Guide to Bamboos by Ted Jordan Meredith
Practical Bamboos


Bamboo Poles


Spout & Pump: 12" three arm
Spout & Pump: 18" three arm
Adjustable Spout & Pump: 12"
Adjustable Spout & Pump: 18"


Fertilizer 16-6-8
Fertilizer 6-24-24
Fertilizer BioFlora Crumbles 6-6-5+8% Ca
Fertilizer 15-15-15 Simplot

Crafting & Wood Working Tools

Gyokucho Folding Saw (Fine)
Gyokucho Pruning Saw
Gyokucho Bamboo Saw
Bamboo Hatchet
Mikihisa Folding Knife
Palm Rope
Brad Point Drill Bit Set 7 pc 12"
Bamboo Splitter 4 Way
Bamboo Splitter 5 Way
Bamboo Splitter 6 Way
Bamboo Splitter 8 Way
Gyokucho Folding Saw (All Purpose)

Planter Boxes

2'W x 2'L x 18"D
2'W x 3'L x 18"D
2'W x 4'L x 18"D

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates