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Please call us at 707.823.5866 Tues-Sat (9:00-4:00 Pacific Time) to place your order.

We normally ship within one to two days within receiving your order. Rhizome barrier and bamboo fencing/furniture products are sent via UPS Ground, which takes anywhere from 1 day to one week for delivery, depending on location. Books are shipped separately by USPS Priority Mail.

Terms & Conditions

We are aware that creating a landscape is a rather large undertaking, and it is always our aim to guide and assist you through our website, by phone, and in person as generously as possible with all the information you need to select and grow healthy, happy and well-behaved bamboo. All plants are healthy and green with a good root ball at the time of sale. Care and longevity of plants subsequent to purchase are the responsibility of the purchaser. We do not provide replacements for bamboos grown indoors, nor for plants that suffer from underwatering, overwatering, lack of drainage, or other factors beyond our control. We do not sell any plants that we know to be going into "gregarious flowering" stage; however, we do not guarantee that plants will not flower in the future, since in most cases it is impossible to know when this infrequent event will happen. If any error has been made, please notify us promptly so we can make an adjustment and rectify the matter. All claims for any reason must be made immediately upon the receipt of goods. Charges for Bamboo Sourcery shipping and delivery services are not refundable under any circumstances.

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