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A genus of small to medium sized, running bamboos botanically similar to Indocalamus and Chimonobambusa. Shoots in the spring.
Sarocalamus fangianus (formeraly Gelidocalamus fangianus)
Species descriptions/photos:  Gelidocalamus fangianusBamboo Species Descriptions  Gelidocalamus fangianus

Sarocalamus fangianus (formeraly Gelidocalamus fangianus)

(GEG) A new introduction from West Sichuan China, where it is a primary food for the Giant Panda. This is a dwarf bamboo, growing to about 10' under conifers in China and reaching about 6' in northern California. Its best feature is its foliage with rather large leaves, about 2" x 6",” providing a texture that contrasts with other small-leaved plants. It is cold-hardy to 5 degrees.

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