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A genus of medium sized tropical Mexican bamboos which shoot in mid-summer.
Otatea acuminata aztecorum "Mexican Weeping"
Species descriptions/photos:  Otatea acuminata aztecorum  Bamboo species descriptions  Otatea  acuminata aztecorum  Mexican Weeping Bamboo

Otatea acuminata aztecorum "Mexican Weeping" click for photo of Otatea acuminata aztecorum "Mexican Weeping"

(OAAZ) A beautiful, drought resistant, clumping ornamental from the Chaparral of Mexico. Masses of long narrow leaves hang in graceful plumes on smokey green culms. This plant loves full sun and hot temperatures but may also be planted in light shade. Reaches 15' to 20' tall. It requires very good drainage, but tolerates salt air, alkalinity, and clay soils. The Otatea is hardy to only 20 degrees and may experience leaf drop and cane die-back at 18 degrees. This plant may reach heights of 15-20' in ideal conditions with warm, relatively dry winters, but in areas with more frost and occasional temperatures in the teens, it may maintain heights of only 5'-12'.

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