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A genus of medium sized, hardy, running bamboos with 3-6 branches at each node, persistent culm sheaths, and no sulcus. Formerly, several Pleioblastus and Yushania were listed as Arundinaria. Shoots in late spring.
Pseudosasa amabilis "Tonkin Cane" Formerly Known as Arundinaria amabilis
Species descriptions/photos:  Arundinaria amabilis Bamboo species descriptions  Arundinaria amabilis

Pseudosasa amabilis "Tonkin Cane" Formerly Known as Arundinaria amabilis

(PSAT) Known for the very high quality of its wood. Culms used to be imported from China for making split bamboo fishing poles. Vast quantities of stakes are still imported for the nursery trade. The species grows best in areas with hot, humid summers, where it reaches heights of 50' and 2 ½" in diameter. Best growth with good indirect light. Hardy to 10F. Formerly known as Arundinaria amabiis

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