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A genus of small, non-aggressive, running bamboos from China and Japan with 3 to 5 short branches per node and wide, short leaves. Prefers semi-shade and shoots in the spring.
Shibataea kumasaca
Species descriptions/photos:  Shibatea chinensis, Shibatea kumasacaBamboo species descriptions  Shibatea  chinensis  kumasaca

Shibataea kumasaca click for photo of Shibataea kumasaca

(SHK) An excellent, bright green ground-cover with a compact, shrubby look. Its leaves are wide, short, and horizontally arranged. Uncut, it usually grows 5' tall, but can reach 7'. Slow spreading and shallow rhizomes are easy to control with a shovel. Looks best in shade with no direct sun; but will tolerate am sun. Hardy to -5 degrees.

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