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If you plan to grow your bamboo in containers, make sure to use a good potting mix. Most commercial potting or nursery mixes are adequate as they are.

The soil you use should both drain well and retain moisture. Most mixes contain both organic and inorganic elements. Sand, volcanic cinders, and perlite are excellent stable inorganic components. Sand has the virtue of being cheap, while cinders and perlite not only promote good drainage but also hold water. Fir bark, compost, and peat are good organic components. In general, larger organic particles last longer before breaking down; therefore, drainage improves with larger particles, decreases with smaller ones. It may also be advantageous to add a small proportion of loam or clay for micro-nutrients. In a potting mix one basically looks for texture rather than nutrition, however. Nutrition is easy to supplement.

Repotting every third year is often helpful to keep the plant growing vigorously and looking its best. One may either repot it into a larger pot or divide the plant with a saw or hatchet. Annual pruning of old and dead wood will also improve the appearance and health of the plant.

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