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Bamboo in the Ground

Mar-Sep: Turf Supreme Fertilizer, 16-6-8. High in nitrogen to keep leaves green. Use one cup per 64 sq. feet (8 oz per 8' x 8'area), applied once a month.

Oct-Feb: Apex Fertilizer, 6-24-24. For greater growth of roots and shoots. Use two cups per 64 sq. ft. (8 oz per 8' x 8' area), applied every 6 weeks.

After plants in the ground reach the desired height & density, maintain with 16-6-8 twice a year in March & June.

Also highly recommended for plants in the ground is composted horse manure, which is the bamboo fertilizer of choice in Asia. Every other year we spread it about 4" deep in late fall to allow time for nitrogen conversion and use the rest of the year. For exceptionally tall growth, two applications per year may be used (early spring and late fall). During manure application years, additional chemical fertilizers are unnecessary. Use other manures if you have them available, but avoid nitrogen-hot ones, such as chicken and steer manure.

Bamboo in Containers

Year-Round, Indoors or Outdoors: Apex or Osmocote Fertilizer, 14-14-14 or 15-15-15, four to six month slow-release. Apply the following amounts once every four to six months:

1-gallon planter - 1 Tbsp

5-gallon planter - 2 Tbsp

15-gallon planter - ¼ Cup

25-gallon planter - ½ Cup

3' x 3' planter - 1 Cup

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