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Bamboo for Landscape Professionals

WE SPEAK LANDSCAPER! (And architect!)

We know that some folks are afraid to plant bamboo, for fear it will take over their (or their neighbor’s) property. However, if properly selected and installed, bamboo is a fantastic, low maintenance softscape solution that actually has many benefits for improving land and creating a natural screen, or to create light, height, texture, movement and sound in a landscape.

Many homeowners we talk to are interested in privacy screening, and bamboo excels in that role. With so many species to choose from in all shapes and sizes, living bamboo can be used to create lush, interesting screens that match any theme or need. Most people are familiar with bamboo in Asian style gardens, but with gorgeous and unique feathery weeping bamboos from Mexico and South America, tropical large leaved bamboos from Southeast Asia, and even dwarf bamboos from Japan and China, many different themes and looks can be created with minimal difficulty and maintenance.

Apart from it’s beauty, bamboos can be also used for windbreaks, earthquake refuge, erosion and flood control, soil building, fire breaks, landslide prevention/hillside stabilization, carbon sequestration, phytoremediation of polluted soil, greywater and wastewater treatment, and as a vigorous pioneer plant where the land has been disturbed by fire, flood or landslide.

Bamboo is excellent for both softscaping and hardscaping applications. Let us show you how beautifully behaved bamboo can be the solution you (and your clients) are looking for.

We can instruct you, and your planting crew, how to properly install both running and clumping types of bamboos, and can offer knowledgeable recommendations for what species will perform best in specific applications. We also offer delivery, professional planting and maintenance services to give your project an expert touch. We also offer ongoing support from our team to answer questions, offer guidance, and help plan your project; appointments are available for free consultations at our nursery, or for a small fee at your worksite.

Landscapers always receive a 10% discount on all purchases of plants and root barrier. We look forward to establishing a great relationship with you!