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Bambusa multiplex ‘Alphonse Karr’ – BMPA




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This is a very popular garden clumper here in the Bay Area. Has very attractive gold culms with multiple green stripes. Culms can take on a magenta hue when exposed to bright sunlight. The new culms often have a pinkish or reddish cast. Shoots year ’round, growing up to 15′ tall in the original environment and 12′ to 20′ in California. USDA zone 9a – 10

  • Origin: China
  • Minimum Temperature: 13
  • Size in climate of origin: 35’ tall, 1.5” diam
  • Sun/Shade: Full-day of sun down to a half-day of sun (3-5)
  • Recommended Uses: Screen, ornamental specimen plant
  • Shooting Season: Shoots year ‘round, especially summer and fall.


  • Ideal growing conditions: Hot, humid summers, full sun, plentiful water, good drainage, winter temperatures above 20  Grows happily all over the SF Bay Area.  (Can reach 30’ tall in central Florida, according to Robert Saporito of Tropical Bamboo near Palm Beach.  But farther south it develops serious problems with sooty mold).
  • Acceptable growing conditions: Will survive with less than ideal conditions.  Known for being relatively drought tolerant and salt tolerant, so will do ok in ocean environments and desert climates with warm winters.  Grows shorter in arid climates and colder winters, e.g. 12’ in height in Sebastopol, where temperatures may dip to 16 F. on rare winter nights.
  • Special Care: Looks best if regularly thinned once well established, exposing decorative culms.


  • Size Locally in open ground: 12’ tall, 0.75” in diameter.  Requires a 4’ x 4’ planting space and 4 hours sun daily to achieve this height.  In shade, may reach only 8’.  Can reach 15’ with plenty of space and sun in Berkeley, Oakland or Santa Clara.


  • Time required locally to fill in a screen, with most favorable growing conditions and care:

Starting with 5 gals, 3’ apart:  4 years for good screen, probably 10’ tall at that point.  (Closer spacing is no faster).

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