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Chusquea sulcata – CHSU




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One of the most beautiful, graceful and tropical looking bamboos, the sulcata has golden yellow culms with dark green widened nodes and very thin, feathery green leaves, 4-5″ in length, on a whorl of short branches surrounding each node. Very delicate and airy with an umbrella shape overall, growing to 8-15′ tall and 1″ in diameter. Tolerates temperatures down to only 28 degrees and likes half to a full day of sun. Will die back at 20 degrees, but if mulched grows back to same height in one season. Does poorly in areas where summer temperatures go over 100 in the daytime and remain above 70 F. at night.

  • Origin: Mexico
  • Minimum Temperature: 20 F.
  • Size in climate of origin: 15’ tall, 1.0” in diameter
  • Sun/Shade: Half-day of morning sun up to a full-day of sun  (3-5)
  • Recommended Uses: Specimen plant
  • Shooting Season: Spring


  • Ideal growing conditions: Half a day of direct sun, plenty of water and humidity, good drainage.
  • Acceptable growing conditions: Does not do well in southern states were temperatures go over 100 in the daytime and remain above 70 F. at night.
  • Special Care:


  • Size Locally in open ground: 15’ tall, 1.0” in diameter

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