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Fargesia robusta – FARO




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A cold hardy, weeping clumper with dark green leaves and light green culms. Culms have contrasting, persistent culm sheaths which fade to a light cream color, creating a distinctive “checkerboard” look. It is more vigorous (robust) than other Fargesias, growing taller faster, and is more sun tolerant than many Fargesias. Good as an ornamental clump or screen, especially for narrow spaces. Used for small but edible shoots, weaving and walking sticks in China. Does fine in shade and is one of the few Fargesias that can withstand up to a half day afternoon sun in cooler areas. Grown in afternoon sun, it is smaller and more compact than in shade. Grows to 10 feet in Northern California.

Fun fact: We like this species so much, we planted it right by our front sign!


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