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Hibanobambusa tranquillans ‘Shiroshima’ – HBTS




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A very striking specimen due to it’s its brightly variegated leaves, which are white and yellow with vivid green stripes and about 1 ½”” x 8-10″” in size. Leaf tips can tint pink and purple in too much sun exposure.

Smaller than the original form. This slow spreader makes an excellent screen up to 15’’ in height. Likes full sun in temperate climates, but half to full-day of shade in very hot climates. Cold hardy to -5 degrees. Is also one of the few bamboos that can thrive indoors.

FUN FACT: This unusual variegated form was completely unknown before 1977, and first appeared three years after the flowering cycle of Hibanobambusa tranquillans ‘Kemmei’ in Northern Japan. Due to it’s combination of unusual genetic qualities, combining the 2 branches per node of a Phyllostachys with the broad leaves of a Sasa, it is thought to be a naturally occuring hybrid between the two, a situation which very rarely occurs in nature due to the rare occurrence of flowering and genetic variation between species.

  • Origin: Japan
  • Minimum Temperature: -5 F.
  • Size in climate of origin: 15’ tall, 0.33” diam (?) (Source List says 1.3”)
  • Sun/Shade: Half-day of morning sun (up to a full day of sun in cooler climates) (3-5)
  • Recommended Uses: Screen, specimen, or indoors
  • Shooting Season: Spring


  • Ideal growing conditions: Half-day direct sun, humidity, and plentiful water with good drainage.
  • Acceptable growing conditions: May be grown indoors with some sun.
  • Special Care: In southern states and hotter climates, needs afternoon shade
  • Recommended polyethylene plastic root barrier in average soils: 24” x 40 mil


  • Size Locally in open ground: 15’ tall, 1.3″ dia

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