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Phyllostachys nigra ‘Daikokuchiku’ “Giant Black” – PHNFF




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Similar to Ph. nigra, except that this clone reaches 57′ tall and 3.3″ in diameter, possibly the greatest height of any bamboo in Northern California. The parent grove is located in Folsom, California and is growing in well irrigated, deep, sandy loam. Summer temperatures are very hot (above 100 degrees for weeks on end). It does well in 80 degree summer heat as well. Not salt air tolerant.

  • Origin: China
  • Minimum Temperature: 0 F.
  • Size in climate of origin: 60’tall, 3.35” diam.
  • Sun/Shade: All-day sun down to a half-day of morning sun  (3-5)
  • Recommended Uses: Highly decorative exceptionally tall screen or specimen
  • Shooting Season: Spring


  • Ideal growing conditions: Lots of direct sun, plenty of water and humidity, good drainage, and lots of summer heat to get tall.
  • Special Care: Sensitive to salts and minerals in the air, water, or soil (can cause leaf tip burn).  Best to avoid locations near the ocean.
  • Recommended polyethylene plastic root barrier in average soils: 30” x 40 mil


  • Size Locally in open ground: 50’ tall, 3.35” in diam.

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