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Learn About Bamboo

Fascinating Facts about Bamboo

Bamboo is one of earth’s most useful and diverse plants…read below to discover some interesting facts you may not have heard of!
Helps Reverse Global Warming: Incredible and true, bamboo produces the MOST OXYGEN of all the plants! And it CONSUMES MORE CARBON DIOXIDE than any other plant!

Sustainably Harvested & Annually Renewable: Mature bamboos produce new shoots and canes each year, which can be harvested individually without destroying the plant.

Fastest Growing Plant on the Planet: New shoots of some tropical species have been clocked growing up to 4 FEET PER DAY in their shooting season!

Environmental Cleanup: Bamboo plants are very effective at removing metals and other toxic substances from soils and water.

Diverse: There are over 1500 SPECIES of bamboo in the world.

Stronger Than Steel: Bamboo has a TENSILE STRENGTH of 28,000 per square inch, vs. 23,000 for steel.

Provides Safe Housing: Over 1 billion people in the world live in BAMBOO HOUSES. Bamboo buildings have proven to be exceedingly earthquake proof.

Nutrition for Humans and Animals: Bamboo shoots have been eaten throughout Asia for centuries, and branches and leaves make good fodder for animals. It contains germanium, which some people believe stimulates your body’s immune system and protects healthy cells. It’s touted as a remedy for a range of conditions.

Ancient Healing: Various parts of many bamboo species have been used in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine tradtions for centuries.

Did You Know? Thomas Edison used bamboo filaments in his first LIGHT BULBS, and one of those bulbs is STILL burning today at the Smithsonian in Washington, DC!

Hardy: Bamboo was the first PLANT LIFE to return after the atomic bombings in Japan. Also, some bamboos are cold hardy to -20 degrees F.