Large bamboo specimens are excellent architectural accents. There is such a diverse range of bamboo looks and shapes, you can get creative with your textures and sight lines. By mixing different styles on a large scale building project or open courtyard or entryway, you can create attractive vignettes. Bamboo is unique in that can be easily shaped, pruned and controlled to stay the way you want it with very little maintenance. A large, unique, mature bamboo specimen, such as a timber bamboo, with thick canes in an attractive container would make a striking central focal point. Bushier, cascading or “weeping” bamboos can soften and screen out parts of the landscape, directing the eye to more attractive areas, or controlling foot traffic along a walkway or courtyard. Hedge and dwarf bamboos make attractive, excellent, fast growing low fillers plants, and come in many beautiful varieties, including variegated types with brightly striped leaves.