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Ofc Hours: 9:00-4:00, Tues-Sat
666 Wagnon Road, Sebastopol, CA 95472
Tel: 707.823.5866  Fax: 707.829.8106

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and find new bamboo treasures for your garden!

This is a place you can stroll on your own, or sit and relax, and choose from a number of useful and popular bamboos. We have posted detailed descriptions of each plant's characteristics and cultural needs, to help you choose the best type of bamboo for your purpose and site.

We are open 9am - 4pm Tuesday through Saturday. Drop-ins are welcome, and appointments are always advisable for people who want assistance with plant recommendations, those making large orders or buying large specimens, or those who simply want a larger variety of bamboos to choose from. (We have about 300 types of bamboo scattered over our 7 acre farm, which can be rather overwhelming without assistance by our bamboo expert!)

To make an appointment, call 707-823-5866. Or just stop by and browse in our smaller retail area on your own!

Bamboo enhances and transforms gardens into peaceful sanctuaries of light, movement, sound and space, touching our spirits and stirring our souls. Bamboo can beguile and possess. You may shortly find yourself becoming ensnared with "Bamboo Magic."    Gerald Bol

With these words, we introduce you to the spirit of this most remarkable bamboo nursery. There is no doubt that bamboo captivated the late Gerald Bol, creator of this beautiful bamboo forest; and you may indeed feel its magic working on you.

The grounds of Bamboo Sourcery are a sight to behold and an exceptional resource for the discriminating collector and bamboo novice alike. Gerald traveled extensively throughout the world, studying and collecting rare and endangered bamboo species, and introduced many new varieties into the U.S. His diligent efforts are represented throughout the nursery, where there are more than 300 varieties in total, about 200 regularly in stock for purchase, with this number growing each year.

The 8-acre demonstration gardens are a pleasure to tour, quite peaceful with the breeze blowing gently through the delicate leaves. Bamboo varieties can range in size from a few inches tall to giant timbers over 100 feet, with many variations in cane color, leaf size and shape. You will see an unbelievable range of full-grown bamboos on your walk through the gardens, and swear that you have found your favorite...until you round the next bend.

If you wish to visit the nursery, it is best to call ahead and schedule an appointment; however you may also drop in and make use of our new retail area. We are open 9-4 Tuesday through Saturday.

Again, appointments are recommended for people who want assistance with plant recommendations, those making large orders or buying large specimens, or those who simply want a larger variety of bamboos to choose from.

We deliver throughout the greater San Francisco Bay Area, but always recommend you come and personally select your plants. Please see the Guide to our Website & Nursery, below, for more information.

Bamboo Sourcery has been working with homeowners and landscape professionals for over 35 years, growing, selling, and containing bamboos. For more about our history, expertise, and our founder, Gerald Bol, please see About Us.

Guide to our Website & Nursery

We are a small, family-owned bamboo farm. In addition to plants, we sell bamboo furniture and fencing, garden accessories, bamboo poles, root barrier, and books. These can be purchased by appointment at our nursery in Sebastopol, California. Please use the links on the bar at the top of this page to see our plants, products, and information on cultivation and care.

Website Resources

This website is designed to enable people to educate themselves about bamboo and make their own selections as much as possible. Because we have limited staff resources, please utilize the many useful features of our website as extensively as possible to identify plants that will serve your needs:

  • Our Information Supplement provides information on cultivation & care, clumpers, runners & containment, regional recommendations, descriptions of many bamboos with color photos, and much more. The 35-page Information Supplement is also available in black & white hard copy (no photos) from this website or by phone.
  • Our Bamboo Price List provides current availability information for 200 of our species in 1 and 5 gal sizes, with prices, cold hardiness, sun/shade needs, ultimate maximum sizes, and color photos for the underlined species. Plants are also available in larger sizes - 15 gal, 25 gal, etc - please call or email our office for availability and pricing.
  • Our Search function gives you a list of plants that satisfy the specific criteria you set.

After using the resources on our website, if you still need recommendations or assistance with bamboo selection, please fill out a Recommendation Request, which will be submitted to us via email. When necessary to submit a Recommendation Request, please provide very specific information (such as actual number of feet for desired height or planting space), so that we can give you the best possible recommendations. Please allow one to two weeks for a reply.

Nursery Visits

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For more information about our nursery and staff, please go to "About Us."

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