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Gift Certificates

Surprise and delight the gardeners or bamboo fanciers in your life with a gift certificate from Bamboo Sourcery!

Let your loved one explore and choose from our selection of rare and beautiful bamboos from around the globe. A bamboo gift certificate makes for a unique and memorable living gift that will provide beauty and satisfaction for years to come.

Why Bamboo Makes a Great Gift

When most people think of bamboo as a gift, they are thinking of “Lucky Bamboo” (Dracaena Sanderiana) which is not actually bamboo at all! We think giving genuine bamboo brings better luck to both the giver and receiver, because real bamboo can do things “lucky” bamboo cannot.

Bamboo comes in a huge variety of distinctive shapes, sizes and colors. It is highly versatile and can be used in a massive array of applications, from a small indoor plant to a towering forest grove. The canes come in black, browns, reds, yellows, greens, striped and variegated cultivars. Some have square canes, or unique culms with bulging “bellies”. Many can be harvested for crafts and food. There are upright, thin leaved varieties for an Asian look. Broad leaved, lush species fit well in a tropical landscape. Feathery “weeping” types create soft bushes or trees. Dwarf type bamboos are tiny and can be mowed like a lawn!

Part of the fun is visiting our nursery to discover all the different species, many that can be found few places outside of their native environments. Picking out a favorite bamboo in our beautiful, mature bamboo gardens is a memorable experience that won’t soon be forgotten. Our experts will provide highly personalized information and education on proper planting, containment, growing and maintenance to ensure a lifetime of bamboo pleasure and beauty. Containers and custom planter boxes can be planted to create a self contained privacy screen (makes a great gift for a nosy neighbor or to bring lush green life to a cramped city dwelling!)

We hope to see you and your lucky gift recipient soon!