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Tools for Bamboo

Need to trim or shape your bamboo? Do you use bamboo for crafts or construction? Explore our carefully curated selection of fine bamboo woodworking tools!  Expertly crafted in Japan for strength, durability, ease of use, and utility, these blades make pruning and splitting your bamboo a pleasure, for a lifetime of crafting.

We offer top of the line Japanese hand implements, many of which are the same types used by master craftsmen, traditional Japanese architects, and temple builders. Some of our blades are still hand forged by blacksmiths with techniques passed down through generations.

About Japanese Bamboo Tools

Japan has a long history of both crafting with bamboo and in the making of fine crafting utensils. Japanese steel tools are created using the same techniques as the famous samurai swordcrafting, making for a fine, sharp blade that leaves the cut wood silky smooth. It can take many years for a craftsman to master the difficult art of toolmaking, and the same goes for the bamboo woodworking craft. There are many types of crafts made using bamboo in Japan, including furniture, art pieces, utility materials such as baskets and fences, and utensils used in the traditional tea ceremony. These rely on the sharp and strong construction of quality tools, since many bamboo crafts require precision cuts for straight, even weaving strips, notch and groove fittings, and exceptionally smooth finished surfaces.

Types of Steel

Shirogami – “White Paper Steel” known for it’s distinctive white wrappings that tools are packaged in. This is a carbon steel with very low impurities that can be sharpened to a very fine edge using natural stone sharpeners. IT has a very narrow range for hardening and therefore requires the blacksmith to be highly trained and skilled to create a usable tool.

Aogami – “Blue Paper Steel” whose name comes from the blue wrappings by the manufacturer, is a carbon steel with tungsten and chromium added to make it easier to harden. These elements also increase the wear-resistance, making for a longer lasting sharp edge. Molybdenum may also be added for an even tougher, longer lasting blade. Most of the tools we carry are aogami steel.

You are welcome to visit our nursery and try out some of our excellent bamboo gadgets for yourself. We hope to see you soon!