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Other Products

Containers & Planter Boxes for Bamboo

CUSTOM REDWOOD CONTAINERS We build attractive, custom designed,  well-draining all redwood or Corten steel-faced planter boxes that last a lifetime. Our planter boxes are specifically designed for the care and maintenance of bamboo, with easy access and...

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Books about Bamboo

Stock your library of bamboo species, growing, and crafting reference material, filled with beautiful full color photos. We carry  the most thorough and hard to find titles that we often grab off the shelf and use ourselves! Purchase or find out more by...

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Gift Certificates

Surprise and delight the gardeners or bamboo fanciers in your life with a gift certificate from Bamboo Sourcery! Let your loved one explore and choose from our selection of rare and beautiful bamboos from around the globe. A bamboo gift certificate makes for a unique...

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Bamboo Canes & Poles

We sell pre-cut yellow and black bamboo poles for fencing, construction, crafts and more. Color and shape may vary due to this being a natural product; canes aren't always perfectly straight and may taper slightly. Canes are hollow with solid nodes. Please call for...

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Barrier for Running Bamboo

Bamboo, especially running types of bamboo, are a beautiful and vibrant addition to your garden, and make for excellent, long lasting, living privacy screens. However, unchecked root spreading without proper barrier containment can be destructive to property and...

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Tools for Bamboo

Need to trim or shape your bamboo? Do you use bamboo for crafts or construction? Explore our carefully curated selection of fine bamboo woodworking tools!  Expertly crafted in Japan for strength, durability, ease of use, and utility, these blades make pruning and...

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