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New to the US. Another very striking Chusquea resembling the Chilean Straight variety. Lime green culms with dark green nodes are tall and upright with weeping branches and delicate green foliage, resembling giant, arching feathers.  It grows to 20’ with 1 ½” diameter in N. California and is hardy to 0 degrees.

Fun fact: Unlike most other bamboo/grass species, Chusquea genus canes are SOLID all the way through!

  • Origin: Southern Chile
  • Minimum Temperature: 0 F.
  • Size in climate of origin: 20’ tall, 1.0” in diam
  • Sun/Shade: Full-day of sun down to bright indirect light all day (2-5)
  • Recommended Uses: Screen, tall colorful specimen


  • Ideal growing conditions: Lots of direct sun, plenty of water and humidity, and good drainage in cooler climates with temperatures not over 80 F. and above 5 F. in winter.  Prefers cool nights under 70 F.
  • Acceptable growing conditions: Will grow in warmer temperatures of the Southeastern U.S., but best in a half-day of shade and in locations that rarely go over 100 F.


  • Size Locally in open ground: 20’ tall, 1.0” in diam

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